About Us




SUNTECH Development Co., Ltd is one of the most experienced motor manufacturers in Hong Kong. We have manufactured and exported DC motors and mini gear box since established in 1986 and are an ISO 9000 registered firm since 2003.
In our 8,200 square meters factory in Shenzhen China, we have 16 production lines and employ almost 300 staffs. We have mold room, R&D department and also produce OEM and ODM products.

Materials and Output

Only the best materials are used. For example, copper and iron are from Japan, the U.S., Korea and Tai Wan. Majority of the production processes are automatic or semi-automatic in order to maintain the stability of our products. We also use different types of precision instrument to ensure quality of our products. The annual production volume is more than 40 million.

Product Development

The experienced Research and Development Department help to provide the OEM and ODM services and keep improving our manufacturing technique in order to improve the process scale and commercial efficiency, and also strengthen the competitive advantage. We also keep developing distinctive motors to meet the demand of the customers:

  • In 1988, we developed 4WD high speed motor, thus giving rise to four-wheel race toy craze

  • In 1992, we developed motor which could be used in pagers, mobile phones and coreless motor with high precision automatic system.

  • In 2001, we created a specialized mini gear motor, primarily for use in high precision cameras and security system. Right now, mini gear motors can be widely used in industrial automatic production, smart home, security system, automobile section and medical section.

  • In 2008, inner rotate brushless motor was introduced.

  • In 2008, production line for automobile motor went into operation.

  • In 2009, advanced motor for train model went into operation.

Our motor products number more 50, with the smallest being a 6mm-diameter vibration motor and the largest being a 38mm-diameter motor for automobile and machine. Our export markets are diverse and include Europe, Japan, South Korea, USA, Taiwan and other emerging countries. All motors are comply with RoHS directive, REACH, Non-Phthalate and HR4040. Our motors can comply with UL standard if you request.
We also develop motor with low noise and low current, or produce motors that comply with EMI if you request. We are experienced in this aspect.
Our range of DC motor products are mainly used in toys, model cars, 4WD, cameras, mobile phones, smart house, medical instruments, automatic appliances, water pump, door lock, power tools, personal care products, and other health care products.

Management Vision

To develop motors with reasonable price and good performance based on the concepts of environmental-friendly, efficiency and energy-saving. To have a win-win situation by providing a professional, sincere and modest customer service.